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4 Unusual Pets That You Might Consider If You Want To Bring Home Something Different

If you ask anyone in Australia what pet they would generally bring home if they had the chance, they would probably say a cat or a dog. However, there are many other types of pets out there that are much easier to take care of and are perfect for those of us who just don’t have much time on our hands. We want a pet that doesn’t eat a lot, doesn’t take much cleaning up after and doesn’t crave attention all the time. There is a pet just like this, but you need to be looking at reptiles or spiders if you want a pet that is different from the rest, but pretty much looks after itself.

However, before taking any pet home, you need to figure out what the best pet health insurance is and then get some for your new pet. Vet bills can run into the many hundreds of pounds and buying an exotic pet like a lizard, for example, isn’t cheap and as you would with any investment in your life, you need to protect it. Knowing that if your pet gets injured or gets sick, there is paid for help available gives you the peace of mind all pet lovers need. There are a great number of unusual pets out there and we will look at just a few of them.

  1. The Fennec Fox is a very exotic pet to have and is so small and cute. It is smaller than a cat and they are incredibly smart and best of all, you can house train them. It is quite playful, however and requires more attention than a spider or a lizard, but they are totally safe and don’t grow much bigger than a small dog.
  1. You may laugh, but a miniature donkey makes a great pet. It is much smaller than your average donkey, but is just as cute. However, they don’t like to be by themselves, so you might end up having to buy two of them. They are great for keeping the lawn in good shape and they are excellent with children.
  1. If you will consider a miniature donkey, then you will definitely like a Pygmy Goat. These little animals are piles of fun and you really need to play with them a lot and give them lots of love and attention. They can make a lot of noise with their bleating, so only get one if there are no neighbours beside you.
  1. If you are not squeamish, then a tarantula makes a great pet. It looks amazing and takes very little looking after. Just feed it some food occasionally, give it a dry place to move around and keep it in a tank to keep it out of harm’s way. If you want a fascinating pet and something very different, then this pet is definitely the one for you.

No matter what pet you decide to go for in the end, be sure to take out pet health insurance initially before you take it home to provide the necessary care required should it get sick. It would be a real shame not to be able to look after your new pet.

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